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GirlForce, the new sci-fi superhero movie shooting next year, has announced the following names are now attached to the project – Francoise Pascal, Alex Reid, Dani Thompson, Lucy Clements, Angela Holmes, Guy Barnes, Craig Johnson and Honour Mission – with more to be announced soon!

First draft of the GirlForce script is now complete and ready for action! Which means, of course, that it will now be picked apart and pieced back together; bigger, better and more exciting than ever!

Songs are already being written and demoed by the multi-talented singer/songwriter/actor/producer Guy Barnes and talks are underway to produce a spin-off comic book and other promotional tie-ins.

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“Charlie’s Angels” meets “The Spice Girls” meets “Power Rangers”….

Feature film currently in production starring Francoise Pascal, Alex Reid and Dani Thompson. Produced by Richard Gladman. Music by Guy Barnes. Screenplay by Anthony Gates.